Making Your Own Changes...

Your web solution is built with a user interface technology allowing you to make your own changes to your own website, on your own. By logging in to your websites control panel under your administrative status, new options are disclosed independently to you, giving you the tools to interact with your websites content without any risk of damaging your websites structure.

Editing Content: You have the ability to edit the text 'Live' on the page and simply save it and your revised page content is immediate.

Formatting Articles: A full tool set (Much like Microsoft Word) is available at the time of editing and this gives you what you need to add the style that you are looking for into your articles or pages.

Images and Uploading: Whether you are posting an image to an article, including a picture in your photo gallery , or linking to another document the uploader is available throughout the editing interface for you to add pictures or .pdf's.

Application Interaction: To use an example of keeping appointments or logs of transactions, you have the know how to manipulate and use this data to help you take care of your day to day.  Specific to your needs we develop to meet your company's or personal requirements.

Save time, save money, and increase value!